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Autospa at the highest level in Black Goose Detailing

Detailing washing is a basic activity in the entire car detailing process. Autospa is a series of activities that are aimed not only at improving the appearance of the car and emphasizing its beauty, but also extending its efficiency and life. Therefore, the comprehensive work carried out in our studio includes detailing washing. 

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As Black Goose Detailing , we have experience, knowledge and skills, thanks to which we provide car detailing services at the highest level. After leaving our car, each vehicle shines like new. Detailing washing in our studio means, above all, taking care of every, even the smallest detail - we thoroughly and comprehensively care for the condition and appearance of cars, and thus we meet all the needs and expectations of our customers.

What does detailing washing look like?

Detailing washing is not only about effective cleaning of all dirt. In addition to removing troublesome impurities, the delicacy of the process is also important. As professionals, we are well aware of this, which is why the risk of scratching the paintwork is minimized with us. It is the detailing washing that allows us to significantly slow down the process of scratching the paint coating and reduce the deterioration of the car body.

For detailing washing, we use only proven, specially dedicated cleaning agents that are fully adapted to the individual vehicle. We start comprehensive care with washing the wheels. At this stage, we do not ignore any important elements - we deal with rims, tires and wheel arches separately. The next stage, the most important in the entire detailing process, is the removal of all dirt, road dirt, mud, dust and dust. After dissolving the dirt, rinse it and start cleaning. The final stage of washing is drying and protecting the varnish. The agents used for this give the body a glassy appearance and provide a hydrophobic effect.

Detailing cleaning - Warsaw and its vicinity

Do you want to take your car to the car? Are you looking for real specialists in the field of detailing washing? 

We encourage all interested parties to read the offer prepared by us in detail. We invite both individual clients and companies from all over the city of Warsaw and nearby towns to cooperate. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team. We will be happy to help and provide you with all the necessary information.

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