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ADBL Leather KIT  - is a set of products for cleaning and protecting the skin.


Set contains:


ADBL Leather Cleaner  - it is a product for cleaning the skin, degreasing without drying the surface. Developed on the basis of natural cleaning ingredients. Safe for the top layer of skin. Provides stable foam and allows for long work without getting soaked. The preparation can be diluted with demineralized water - 50/50.

ADBL Leather Conditioner  - darkens and nourishes. It has great protective properties. It does not make the skin shiny, but it makes the skin slippery and soft. The delicate scent of the leather makes the work more pleasant. Ready to use.

ADBL Leather Mist  - is an air freshener with a leather scent designed for car interiors. It improves mood and well-being. It can be sprayed on rugs, fabric upholstery and under the seats. It works perfectly in the car, but also at home and in the office.

ADBL Lea  - is a microfiber dedicated to cleaning and caring for leather surfaces. Handy size and thin material makes it perfect for working on seams and bends. Thanks to its high absorbency, it easily collects dirt and product residues. It does not leave streaks and fragments of fibers. Easy to clean.

ADBL Ther  - it's a mixed-pile leather cleaning brush. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it is extremely comfortable at work. Compatibility with ADBL Leather Cleaner ensures high effectiveness while maintaining gentleness for the cleaned surface.

ADBL Foamer  150ml - it's a bottle with a foaming nozzle. Perfect for ADBL Leather Cleaner, it allows to obtain dense and stable foam. It enables long work without soaking the cleaned surface.

ADBL Leather KIT


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