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Cares for and  protects the surface


CARNAUBA WAX  is a natural wax w  flows on the basis of Carnauba, which brings out the original color and  surface gloss. It gives the varnish a beautiful type finish  wet look  characteristic of natural waxes .  The improved formula ensures perfect water discharge and  lubricity. It is characterized by a very fast and  simple application and durability for about 4  weeks. CARNAUBA WAX is perfect for  ongoing care of surfaces protected with hard waxes to maintain protection as long as possible and  beautiful paint finish.


+  Natural composition
+  Strong hydrophobic effect
+  Extracting the depth of color and  high gloss
+  Giving slipperiness
+  Simple application
+  Caring for surfaces protected with hard waxes
+  Durability 4  weeks

Fireball CARNAUBA WAX 500ml

    Before application, clean the surface thoroughly with dedicated preparations.

    Shake well before use.
    Apply to a dry surface.
    Spray a moderate amount on the microfiber and  rub in  the surface until it becomes shiny.

    IN  product, a precipitate may form, which has no effect on performance or operation.

    Don't use in  sun and  on heated surfaces. Store in  cool and  shady place

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