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Effective and  safe for surfaces


BUG CLEANER  is a cleaning agent for z  addition of a proteolytic enzyme. Easily and  quickly removes difficult organic contaminants from  surfaces such as insect stains and  juices from  trees  also other road pollutants.


+  Effective active substances
+  Fast action
+  Safe for surfaces (force can be adjusted)

Fireball Bug Cleaner 500ml

    Wash and thoroughly  dry the surface.

    Shake well before use.
    Dilute the preparation with  water in  ratio 1: 1 (in the case of surfaces protected with a protective coating in  ratio 1:10).
    Spray the selected area with  distance 20 ~  30 cm.
    Rinse thoroughly with clean water under high pressure after about 2  minutes.
    Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.

    IN  when using in  route -  pre-clean the surface by rinsing with water and  apply the product directly on fresh dirt, wait a while, a  then rinse thoroughly with water again.
    Do not use on glass protected with a hydrophobic coating.

    Don't use in  sun and  on heated surfaces. Store in  cool and  shady place.

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