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Safe deironizer o  neutral pH


IRON BURN  is a neutral preparation of o  an effective formula designed to remove persistent metallic impurities. Its action is seen in  the effect of the so-called "Bleeding." The unpleasant odor typical of deironizers has been reduced to a minimum.


+  Safe for all exterior surfaces.
+  High efficiency with a delicate formula.
+  Immediate action.
+  Neutralized smell of the preparation.

Fireball Iron Burn Deironizer 500ml

    The surface should be washed in advance and  preferably dry. IN  In the case of rims, we suggest washing them thoroughly with a dedicated preparation to remove loose dirt. IN  in the case of varnish, it is best to wash the surface with  using shampoo and  glove.

    Shake well before use.
    Spray evenly over the contaminated area.
    Rinse thoroughly with clean water under high pressure after about 1  minute.
    IN  in the case of stubborn dirt, you can use a damp microfiber, a  in the case of rims, a brush or a brush.

    Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.
    Leaving it too long can negatively affect the surface.
    The product dries faster in  around Fr.  high temperature.

    Don't use in  sun and  on heated surfaces. Store in  cool and  shady place.

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