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Water repellency, shine and  lubricity


HYDRO FOAM  it is a foam that, in  an extremely simple way to protect the varnish, making it highly hydrophobic and slippery. The strong water repellency is visible immediately after application. After proper washing, all you need to do is foam the car with HYDRO FOAM, rinse and  dry the vehicle. For a high gloss i  it is best to dry the surface with a blower.


+  Express action
+  Strong hydrophobic effect immediately after application
+  High gloss and  lubricity
+  Possibility to adjust the strength of the preparation.
+  Durability of about 4  weeks

Fireball HYDRO FOAM 500ml

    Before using the foam, wash the varnish with shampoo and  glove.

    +  Shake well before use.
    +  Dilute the preparation with  water in  foam workers in  ratio 1: 10 ~ 1: 15.
    +  Apply over the entire surface and  wait for a while.
    +  Then rinse with water and  dry the vehicle.

    Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.
    IN  in the absence of a foam sprayer, you can apply foam with  any sprayer. No foam will form, but the product will retain its surface protective properties.

    Don't use in  sun and  on heated surfaces. Store in  cool and  shady place.

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