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Professional preparation of varnish for protection


WAX OFF  (successor to the iconic Ultimate Paintwork Cleaner) is a preparation intended for professional cleaning of paint with  various types of impurities (including oily ones). Included in  preparation of the so-called nano powder perfectly cleans paint and  prepares it for the application of waxes, coatings or quick detailers. Thanks to the use of Wax Off, the protection applied to the varnish covers its surface more precisely and  better out with  connects him. This allows for a significant increase in durability and  protective properties of the selected security.


+  Very thoroughly cleans the surface even with  oily contamination.
+  Perfectly prepares the varnish for the application of any protection.
+  Can be used on any type of varnish (gloss, satin, matte), a  also on glass surfaces and  metal.
+  Allows in  completely remove the water-repellent effect with  surface.
+  Indispensable in  cleaning surfaces that cannot be polished.
+  Perfectly prepares windows for the application of an invisible wiper.

Fireball Wax OFF paint cleaner

    Thoroughly wash the surface with a dedicated shampoo and  glove.

    Shake well before use.
    Apply to a wet, washed surface.
    Apply a moderate amount to the applicator or sponge | we recommend FIREBALL BLACK FOX MICROFIBER APPLICATOR and  apply to the surface.
    Spread over the surface with  moderate pressure.
    Wash off the remains with high pressure water. Then wash the car with shampoo again to make sure the product has been completely removed.

    Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.
    Products used for the WAX OFF application and  immediately after use - a mitt for washing the car and a microfiber applicator -  we recommend that you use it only for subsequent applications of our product. Nano powder contained in  WAX OFF can penetrate into  their structure i  work despite being washed.

    Don't use in  sun and  on heated surfaces. Store in  cool and  shady place.

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