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A Brief History of Detailing

Do you know that?

1800 It all started with wax!

The beginnings of detailing,  dates to  1800. This  just then, in one of the  German  cities (Bischofsheim), the first wax on  based on animal fat. Its purpose was to protect the varnish paints with which horse carriages were painted.

1886 The beginning of the automotive industry!

German engineer Karl Benz w  In 1884, he developed a design for a three-wheeled vehicle with  internal combustion engine and  electric ignition which  could develop a speed of 16 km / h. A year later, he constructed it, and a  In  1886 he patented. This last date is considered today as  the historic beginning of the automotive industry. Interestingly, the public initially did not  accepted the invention. WITH  It was met with great interest only two years later, when  Karl Benz presented on  fairs in  Munich its improved version. Unfortunately, even then the vehicle did not  found many buyers.

1888 First polishing paste and carnauba waxes!

WITH  the moment the first car appeared, the pace of product development to  vehicle care sped up rapidly. IN  1888 in  Germany began producing the first polishing materials - both liquid and  solid pastes for  polishing.  IN  at the same time, surface finishing by applying a polish also became common. It is true that the method has been used since  XVII century, but  this  In  the automotive industry has experienced its second youth. Polish up to  today it serves as a conditioner for varnish, giving it additional shine, colors and  "Wet look". WITH  turn in  In 1910, George Simons developed Carnauba wax as well  cleaner z  its application.


On  in the early 1920s, the American company 3M invented the first on  world waterproof sandpaper that  allowed to reduce the amount of dust floating in  in the air during the production of cars. Five years later, 3M after  once again revolutionized the automotive industry and  detailing by developing a masking tape that  it allowed painters to obtain a sharp cut off when working with  with paints.

1944  The first bottled car wax is made!

Liquid varnish for  car polishing was invented and  elaborated by  Ben Hirsch in  1944. That  due to  offered for  through it, the hard finish of the coating, resembling  think the hard shell of a turtle, the product was named Turtle Wax.

1969 New in Polymer Detailing

DuPont, one of the  revolution leaders in  polymer materials, w  1969 introduced on  first market on  the world of polymer sealant.

1980 The car cosmetics industry accelerates!

IN  the 70s to  Europe and  Automotive news from  Of the United States. Among them were paints on  metal base with  transparent coating, providing exceptional hardness, shine and  long-lasting color. WITH  the Japanese turn on  in the field of auto detailing products, they were the first to propose varnish clay for  car care in  the 80s

2000-2007 Technological breakthrough NANOTECHNOLOGY

IN  In 2000, PPG Industries invented a binary clear coating composition that  eliminated paint degradation from  reasons such as acid rain, salt and  UV radiation. Seven years later on  nano-technological polymer coatings appeared on the market.
Detailing services and  range of products used in  vehicle care processes are constantly evolving - from  Nineteenth-century animal waxes by  abrasive pastes that appeared on  market in  1900 until  the first ceramic coatings that were created in  year 2000.


Contemporary auto detailing has been gaining popularity since  the 1960s and  with  each year it gains more and more enthusiasts who  they do not treat this field  just  like work or  way to  life but  first and foremost passion, a  even a lifestyle.

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