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Let's get to know each other better

In 2020, we decided (Krzysztof  and Damian) to open the Black Goose Group, which has been gaining more and more reputation in the world of auto detailing since then. We started with a strong training and testing of automotive chemicals to obtain the highest quality. Initially, the plan was a small studio with a maximum of 2 stations. As usual, it came out of the thread plans, we currently have 4 stands plus a stand for securing car chassis.  In our unique studio, we present the latest solutions in the field of auto detailing. We want to provide high quality service to all customers - both to people who buy products from our store and people who use our services. Thanks to a wide range of services, everyone will find something for themselves. We are ready to answer all your questions, send photos during the implementation of larger projects and recommend the most optimal service.

We cordially invite Krzysztof and Damian

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