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Ceramic coating - increased paint protection and comfort of everyday use of the vehicle

Ceramic coatings are distinguished primarily by high hydrophobic properties. All utility values make it much easier to keep the car clean. Protecting the paintwork ensures that no dirt sticks to its surface, and the water flowing down the car body does not leave unsightly stains and streaks. The use of paint protection in the form of a ceramic coating also significantly affects the washing of the vehicle itself, which is simpler because it does not require the use of a large amount of cleaning and care agents. 

powłoka ceramiczna warszawa

Advantages of using a ceramic coating as a paint protection:


  • high water-repellent properties; repelling all impurities and water,

  • self-regeneration properties,

  • protection against pitting from insects and bird pollution,

  • resistance to aggressive chemicals,

  • resistance to micro scratches and slight mechanical damage,

  • resistance to adverse weather conditions, incl. acid rain,

  • much easier care,

  • improvement of the aesthetic value of the varnish, including its depth,

Ceramic coating and paint protection in Black Goose Detailing

Current cars are not distinguished by the high quality of paintwork, and regular washing is not enough to preserve the shine of the car body and protect it from harmful external factors. In the interests of the aesthetic appearance and functionality of our clients' vehicles, in our detailing studio, we offer the best solution in the field of paint protection - a ceramic coating. 

Our offer in the field of paint protection in the form of a ceramic coating is dedicated primarily to new car owners. Protecting the paintwork allows you to avoid the first scratches and damages, which are nowadays not so difficult. However, we also successfully apply ceramic coatings to previously used cars. In this way, we extend the life of the varnish and provide an aesthetic appearance for many years.

In the Black Goose Detailing salon, we use only proven preparations of the highest quality. This allows us to obtain an extremely durable ceramic coating that is able to last up to several years. Our ceramic paint protection meets the needs of even the most demanding car owners. 

Paint protection - Warsaw and the surrounding area

Do you want to protect the paint and extend its life? Are you looking for professionals in the field of applying ceramic coatings? Get to know our comprehensive car detailing studio and join a large group of satisfied customers!

We encourage all interested parties to familiarize themselves with the offer prepared by us and to see the orders already completed. We invite both individual clients and enterprises from the entire area of the city of Warsaw and the surrounding towns to cooperate. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team. We will be happy to help and provide you with all the necessary information. We invite you!

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