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Professional car soundproofing

Driving a car without good soundproofing can be exhausting and uncomfortable. This is especially true during longer trips, when we spend several hours behind the wheel. Unfortunately, but more and more popular models of passenger cars jet without soundproofing layers. They used to be a standard feature and were used, among other things, in door trims.

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Our company has been involved in soundproofing vehicles on Polish roads for many years. We are able to improve the sound insulation in any type of car, including premium class. For this we use the best quality materials, highly efficient at absorbing and reflecting sound. This allows us to improve the driving comfort of a given car, even if it is equipped with a noisy diesel engine. We give a guarantee that the soundproofing effect will be clearly felt by all occupants inside the cabin.

Car soundproofing Warsaw

When soundproofing vehicles, we use special butyl mats, bitumen mats and rubber foams. They allow to create a tight acoustic insulation, reducing the noise level in the vehicle. We offer both the possibility of soundproofing the entire vehicle, as well as individual parts: engine cover, trunk lid, doors, pillars, roof, floor in the passenger area, center tunnel, fenders, wheel arches, rear shelf. For the most demanding implementations, we use super-thin damping mats to reduce vibrations and oscillations spreading inside the cabin.

We offer expert advice and comprehensive assistance to all customers requesting our assistance. We make soundproofing in several versions, tailored to the needs of different groups of customers. We are also ready to adjust the solutions we use to your individual expectations. All those interested in soundproofing their cars are welcome to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions, present details of our offer and accept orders for soundproofing.

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